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Joylissa is an indie-pop singer/songwriter originally from Pullman, Washington. She has been singing since before she could speak and began to fall in love with music when her father would play the blues on her family's upright piano. Her father was an artist and encouraged her to see the beauty and value of art.

An avid reader, Joylissa loved the way art could tell a story. By the age of sixteen she was telling her own stories through her songwriting on her acoustic guitar. She released her first EP, "Dandelion Crowns" at the age of seventeen.
Joylissa performed around the state of Washington during her high school years. Shortly after graduation, she made the move to Los Angeles to further her music career. In Los Angeles, Joylissa has performed at various venues including House of Blues, Molly Malone’s, and Room 5.

Though Joylissa would not identify herself as a “Christian artist”, her faith plays a role in her songwriting. As she explains in the book “Resonate- Enjoying God’s Gift of Music” by Mark Beuving, “I want people to see my genuine struggles and joys and the way that God intervenes and is a part of them.”
Joylissa’s songs display her zest for living but also ponder the deeper questions and purposes in life. Joylissa is working on her second EP with Rockton Road Studios due to drop Spring of 2019.

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